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Individual members of the North Carolina State Bar may apply for CLE credit in North Carolina when the course sponsor is unable or unwilling to apply on the member's behalf. Bar members may apply for CLE credit before taking a program or after completing the program. Bar members that teach a CLE course may also apply for teaching credit.

  1. Please use our searchable database of courses to see if the course has already been approved for CLE credit.
  2. Before applying for CLE credit for a course you would like to take or have taken, please contact the sponsor to ask the sponsor to apply for CLE credit. If the sponsor is unwilling to make the application and the course has not already been approved, please follow the procedure below to apply for credit. Additionally, if you are teaching or have taught a CLE course, please check with the sponsor to see if they will be applying for teaching credit for you.
  3. Complete the appropriate CLE Credit form:

    Bar Member's Application for CLE Credit

    Teacher's Application for CLE Credit

    Teacher's Application for CLE Credit - Teaching at a Law School or Paralegal School

    Teacher's Application for CLE Credit - Teaching a Continuing Paralegal Education (CPE) Program

    Partial Credit Certification Form

  4.  Attach the following materials to the above form for review by the North Carolina State Bar CLE department:
    • a detailed timeline agenda for the course
    • a complete list of speakers with a brief description of their qualifications
    • a brief description of the program content including the target audience and course objectives
    • a list or outline of the course materials (if available)
    • ethics materials if you are requesting ethics credit.

Please note: Do not send a large packet of written materials for review. We only require a list of materials to be distributed to participants. If no written materials are appropriate for the program, please indicate this by attaching an explanatory memo.

All of the above materials, including the application form, are necessary for the CLE department to approve a course for CLE credit. Incomplete application packets cannot be considered for approval and will delay the process for you.