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$3.50 per credit hour: For every CLE hour for which a lawyer seeks credit on their CLE record with the NC State Bar, the lawyer will be assessed a fee of $3.50. Sponsors typically collect this fee with their charges for a program and forward the money to the CLE department of the NC State Bar. When the sponsor is not required to pay the fee, the lawyer is responsible for the fee. Lawyers will receive a bill for unpaid attendee fees after they return their annual report forms each year.

$75 Late-Filing Fee: Lawyers are assessed a $75 late-filing fee if their annual report form is returned to the CLE department postmarked or hand-delivered after the February 28 deadline regardless of whether the hours are complete for the compliance year.

$125 Non-Compliance Fee: Lawyers are assessed a $125 fee if a notice to show cause is issued for non-compliance with the CLE requirements.